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The Best Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas, Games & Activities in 2022

One player will start the game and the other players use their own mobile devices to input answers and make choices . After the time for answers runs out, everyone’s answer will appear to all. Taking turns catching up is nice and all, but why not liven up your virtual party with something to do? An easy way to find amusement during a virtual celebration is with a game. We’re talking Jackbox, Monopoly, or even a unique virtual interactive game show you can organize through The Bash! Did you know virtual murder mystery games are a thing now too? If your family didn’t get enough of the macabre on Halloween, you could turn your Thanksgiving celebration into a mysterious dinner party.

Take turns acting out things related to Thanksgiving like a turkey, Native Americans, or giving thanks. If your teammates guess what you are acting out within about two minutes, your team gets a point. If not, the other team gets a chance to guess and takes the point if they get it right. If you’re running an international company, chances are that at least some of your employees may not celebrate Thanksgiving. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not familiarized with Thanksgiving or that they wouldn’t like to take part in a Thanksgiving trivia event. This holiday season, try Thanksgiving team-building activities at work!

5. Thanksgiving Trivia

This activity can keep kids occupied while they wait for the start of dinner. Now that you have 100 virtual ice breaker questions at the ready, that means 100 more opportunities for your team to bond and become closer than ever before. Virtual work can be slightly isolating, especially without human interaction in the smallest forms like meeting at the coffee machine or having small talk in the elevator.

  • Since you won’t be able to plant items for people to physically find, your best bet is creating a list of subjective, goal-based items.
  • First, supply each employee with a handful of treats to give away.
  • Planning a virtual coffee shop meeting will lead to casual chatting while everyone prepares their morning beverages.
  • Add some props to your booths like a pilgrim’s hat or a turkey crown.
  • As part of your virtual Thanksgiving celebration at work, you can organize one or a series of virtual team building activities.

Turkey Trots have become a tradition for many families, and it’s still possible this year. Search for local events in your area, and then head out at the same time as your activity-loving relatives. No judgement, though, if your only exercise of the day is racing to the couch for a long night of Thanksgiving movie watching… Brittany Barber, lover of books, dogs, and romance, graduated from Bishop’s University with a Communications and Theatre degree. What is Thanksgiving without going around the virtual table to say one thing you’re thankful for?

Traffic Yam Thanksgiving Race

Check out the local Habitat for Humanity chapter and see if there is a project your team can help out on. Thanksgiving / Friendsgiving is a significant day of festivities in the global corporate world. You also help raise funds for an NGO by winning the games. Make lists of 10 to 20 items for guests to find in their own homes and show off icebreakers for virtual meetings via video chat for a fun scavenger hunt (especially great for kids!). Whoever finishes first gets a prize, be it mailed to them or just a virtual pat on the back. Each team will select someone to choose a Thanksgiving charades card and act out what is on the card without using their voice (try words like “turkey,” “gravy,” or “pilgrim”).

  • Celebrate this Thanksgiving virtually and don’t miss out on the traditional festivities.
  • So, if the first person is thankful for acorns, the next has to be thankful for something that starts with the letter B.
  • When you can get together to assemble the larger project, you’ll be delighted to see how all the individual displays of creativity come together.
  • Check out these 50 Thanksgiving trivia questions and pick a prize for the person who gets the most correct answers.
  • The longer the list, the more interesting the online team game will be.
  • You can also try setting up themes for each week based on upcoming holidays or company trivia to create a fun virtual team building experience personalized for your team.

Here is a list of Thanksgiving team building activities. First, supply each employee with a handful of treats to give away. These presents could be email gift cards, physical notecards, digital badges, small tokens like candy or stationary, or points redeemable for prizes.

Host a Virtual Thanksgiving Field Trip

Here is a list of online Thanksgiving celebration tips to ensure your team observes the spirit of the season. The key to running a successful themed virtual happy hour is to really lean into it. Check out our list of virtual escape rooms for specific ideas. The reason this Thanksgiving team building activity is so effective is that it has a long term scope, which will help increase engagement. Many other organizations offer remote volunteer opportunities. You may even be able to find online volunteer options through a local company or a company-affiliated charity. Your team may even decide to launch a new project, like reading or writing to senior citizens, or creating a free tool for a community organization.

How do you make a virtual Thanksgiving fun?

Virtual Thanksgiving Happy Hour

share Thanksgiving cocktail recipes before the call. send a pumpkin spice kit to participants in advance. create turkey Zoom backgrounds for attendees to use. play games like Virtual Thanksgiving Bingo and scavenger hunts.

Consider sending everyone a gift card for a food delivery service and decide on a time to gather and enjoy a meal together. You can put out some general conversation topics, like favorite Thanksgiving dinner food or funniest holiday story, so you encourage everyone to share and participate in the conversation. Plus, it’s always fun to get a free meal even if you’re eating it in front of the computer. As part of your virtual Thanksgiving celebration at work, you can organize one or a series of virtual team building activities. For example, you might to a virtual campfire, a round of holiday themed trivia, a murder mystery or a Kindness Quest. Thanksgiving trivia questions are great for team-building events, icebreaker games, office breaks, or any time you want to engage your workers in something themed and fun. Trivia events such as this one are a great way to improve the employee engagement levels in the office.

Fun Thanksgiving Icebreakers

Trivia is fun pretty much all year round, and even more so on holidays. You can spice up your next team meeting or holiday party with some Thanksgiving specific trivia.

  • You can play this game in person or remotely, which makes it a good option.
  • This Year I – Tell two things you did or experienced over the past year — one real and one fake!
  • Kindness to-do lists motivate team members to perform random acts of kindness.
  • In each round, players have to guess ‘Who Said What’ – a simple way for your online team to bond over things they have in common.
  • Get everyone on your team a 6-episode Hunt a Killer subscription.

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